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De-Stressing and Conditioning Manicures 

Enjoy your time off with manicures from The Pedicure Plus. Our staff is highly trained in providing absolute relaxation for your hands and feet. We serve clients in St. Louis, Missouri, as well as its surrounding areas. Pedicure services are also available.

The Absolute Manicure  30 minutes

Incorporating the elements of a basic manicure, The Absolute Manicure focuses on the entire hand, refining your nails, cuticles, and calluses. Clients will be seated on one of our reclining massage chairs, treating their hands with essential oils, emollients, moisturizers, and warm moist towels. Afterwards, Chinese herbs are used for exfoliation, combined with a soothing massage. We finish it off by applying gel polish. You'll get a bottle of polish for maintenance.

THE Manicure 45 minutes

For this treatment, you can choose from the list of Plus service items. Performed in 90 minutes, this allows you to personalize to your liking.

The Manicure Plus

This manicure provides THE Manicure for just a start and enables our clients to amend their services from our PLUS menu to customize a manicure to suite their specific needs!

Petite Manicure 30 minutes

Petite Mani for Children (10 and under) $25.00
Why allow just anyone to care for your child’s hands. This manicure mirrors the expert care provided in all our services and will be tailored to meet their needs. Polish is included! Child must be accompanied by an adult.

GEL Manicure 45 minutes

Gel Polish Manicure $45.00
A gel polish manicure is a wonderful way to lengthen the beauty and appearance of your manicure while also adding a bit of strength! We have a growing library of CND Gel Polishes for you to choose from!

Coming Soon!  The Pedicure Plus Nail Care Concierge

Let us bring the best nail care right to you. Our staff can travel to your location and perform the services for individuals who are unable to make it to our suite for any reason! Special events, such as weddings and birthday parties, or maybe just because... we are here to help keep you on your toes!

LCN Nail Polish

*With qualifying services, you will receive a complimentary mini bottle of the polish