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Impressive Pedicure and Foot Treatments

For all your natural nail care needs, turn to The Pedicure Plus in St. Louis, Missouri. We offer a wide variety of services to clean and beautify your feet. Our suite is private for our VIP's (very important pedicures) and can accommodate up to two people. We also offer manicure services.

IBX Nail Polish

Waterless/Soakless Pedicures

Our pedicures are often referred to as Safe Pedicures. Our protocols do not incorporate whirlpools or dirty pipes, so the chance of getting an infection is tremendously reduced and are highly recommended for discerning and immune system compromised individuals. We implement our pedicures using oils and emollients to moisturize and care for your feet.

Absolute Pedicure  30-40 minutes

This is a streamlined pedicure designed to discerning clients with limited time but still wish to receive a quality service. It is finished with polish or buffed to a shine.

THE Pedicure  60 minutes

This is our most requested pedicure. THE Pedicure is performed while you are seated in a luxurious reclining massage chair.  Your nails, cuticles, and calluses are treated with essential oils, emollients, moisturizers, and warm moist towels. Exfoliation is performed using Chinese herbs, which gently melt into your skin to release healthy alpha hydroxy acid. To complete your service, you will receive a bottle of polish to assist in making sure you enjoy the most from our care, even between appointments. 

THE Pedicure Plus  90 minutes

THE Pedicure Plus is an amazing opportunity for our clients to enjoy THE Pedicure while also ammending their service with items from our Plus menu, in addition to Concierge service from The Wolf Cafe and an extended appointment time.

Petite Pedicure  30 minutes

This is a version of THE Pedicure tailored for a child's feet. This is performed with the utmost care and safety, giving parents peace of mind that their child's feet and hands are being taken care of in the cleanest of environments. It is perfect for children under the age of ten.  There is also a Petit Manicure available too!

Chairs Used for Customers Getting the Pedicure Service